Acdyion originated in the 1990s and started from the earliest leather garment gloves. Today, the products involve business leather gloves, gardening gloves, sports gloves, cycling gloves, fitness gloves, ski gloves, fitness gloves, etc. For more than 20 years, we Focus only on gloves, because we are focused, we are more professional, we have our own factory, there are 200 production workers.


In the field of gloves, the company has more than 20 years of rich production experience. Apparel and all kinds of leather gloves We use high goatskin with high abrasion resistance, clear lines and stretch resistance as raw materials. Secondly, the company has a professional model division to develop the most suitable gloves for the size of the palms of different groups in Europe, the United States, Asia, etc., so that customers can easily purchase the most comfortable Actyion products.


Regarding Acdyion products, the company has been emphasizing the importance of high quality. In the selection of raw materials, the company has 20 years of stable raw material materials suppliers; in production, the company has more than 30 years of experienced craftsman team; quality, the company strictly controls the quality inspection of the product; will each pair of Actyion gloves We are striving for excellence, so that every customer can feel the warmth of Acdyion.


Focus on quality professional services is the company’s basic philosophy. We believe that quality and service are key factors in the growth and development of the company. All Actyion products are based on this basic philosophy of learning and development.

Acdyion keeps the winter cold and protects your second face with care!